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Hitachi's onboard oil monitoring system checks the hydraulic and engine oil continually during operation, detecting changes and collecting data. If oil condition deteriorates to a serious level ConSite OIL will send an alert to the owner and our HCA service centre for action to be taken.

ConSite Oil Monitoring

ConSite provides a comprehensive reporting system for routine physical sampling of all machine oil compartments. Samples are sent to an ALS Laboratory, with results uploaded to the Global e-Service database. Oil results outside safe parameters are emailed to the customer, alternatively the customer can log on to download and analyse the reports. ConSite provides all your important machine information in one convenient site.

ConSite Oil Analysis

Four Parameters








Dielectric Constant

Dielectric Constant


The ConSite OIL monitoring system installed in your machine will continually monitor hydraulic and engine oil against four main parameters including temperature, viscosity, density and dielectric constant. The data is constantly gathered and beamed via satellite to HCM. If oil quality has deteriorated or has been contaminated this is immediately followed by an alert via email or if the user has ConSite Pocket installed on their device the alert is sent directly to the users mobile enabling immediate action be taken when necessary.



Key Features


Advanced preventative maintenance through early failure detection

Receive alert notifications via email

Monitors the hydraulic and engine oil condition during machine operation

No requirement to oil sample engine and hydraulic systems to meet Hitachi’s warranty requirements*

Receive alarm notifications via email or via ConSite Pocket

Reduced maintenance costs due to the reduced number of oil sample bottles

Reduces repair costs as failures are identified as the oil condition changes

NOTE: *When not using Genuine Hitachi Oil, oil sampling is required in order to meet Hitachi’s warranty requirements.

Guidelines are determined by Hitachi’s extensive database and machine knowledge

Reliable preventive maintenance based on the analysis results can be applied

Receive analysis reports via email

Oil analysis reports are easy to understand

Main items are visualised as tendency graphs

Oil analysis reports are also available in the Customers Owners Site

NOTE: For some oil sensor alarms, additional oil sampling and analysis maybe required to determine the cause of failure. Contact your nearest Htachi Construction Machinery branch regarding Terms & Conditions and applicable models.


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Streamline your machine monitoring system and keep an eye on your fleet out in the field with ConSite


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Streamline your machine monitoring system with ConSite OIL onboard technology

Note: For some oil sensor alarms, additional oil sampling and analysis maybe required to determine the cause of failure.