Mini Excavators

Hitachi’s Mini Excavators have a reputation for being incredibly reliable, light construction machines, ideal for tight narrow sites. Hitachi’s mini excavators are sturdy enough to easily handle larger, more demanding sites. As with all Hitachi’s superior equipment, its mini excavators guarantee superior performance, operator comfort, reliability and economy.


Trustworthy and User-friendly mini Excavators

An innovative design ensure Hitachi lives up to its name of providing industry-leading mini excavators to suit any job.


High Performance

High Performance

High Performance

Easy Maintenance

High Performance

Quality & Durability


Hitachi ZX17U-5 Mini Excavator

Hitachi ZX26U-5 Mini Excavator

Hitachi ZX33U-5 Mini Excavator

Hitachi ZX38U-5 Mini Excavator


Hitachi ZX48U-5 Mini Excavator

Hitachi ZX55U-5 Mini Excavator