Five Quick Tips for ‘Virtual’ Job Interviews

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OK, here’s the scoop… virtual interviews can be awkward. Add the fact that technology can be downright unpredictable; it can also be stressful and, in some cases, intimidating.

But the truth is virtual interviews (phone or phone / video interviews) are pretty commonplace these days. And with technology becoming more and more pervasive, along with increased workforce mobility, virtual interviews are going to get even more popular.

Sadly, we’ve seen some great quality candidates just crash and burn on these types of interviews because they really didn’t seem to know how to handle it. If you can’t handle or prepare for a virtual interview, how are you are you going to handle leading a teleconference or a high-stakes meeting?

We’d rather not see you lose out on a role because a virtual interview setting knocked you off-centre, so here’s five tips that will help you win:

  1. It’s an interview not a call: Obvious, but needs to be said. Prepare just like you would a real interview. We like you, we’re interviewing you! Impress.
  2. Play the part: This may sound weird, but we can actually hear you smile through the phone. So smile. Sit up straight. Do all the little things you would normally to project confidence and experience. Somehow this transcends through the phone. If you have too, dress the part, so you’re in complete interview mode. This is a no brainer if your phone interview has a video hook-up.
  3. “Control your environment”:  Interview in a private quiet space. Kick the dog, the cat, and the rest of the household members out of your interview space. If it’s a video interview think about your lighting, background, what’s on your table and whatever else we can see.
  4. Test your technology: Where possible use a landline for a phone interview and if you are using your computer’s camera, do a test with someone to check its working properly. Have back-ups if possible.  You’ll want to be thinking about what we’re talking about rather than worrying if your camera or something else is going to act up.
  5. Be patient and clear: Being patient in Virtual interviews is important, ensure the other person has finished speaking. Don’t forget, sometimes there’s lag / synch issues. Two people continually speaking at once can be really annoying! When you speak, speak slowly, carefully and clearly.

Despite the added complexities of virtual interviews, they can be used to your advantage. It allows you to get (virtual) face time with people you mightn’t have gotten if a traditional interview had to be scheduled. This means you can have the right people answer your questions (so think some up!).

Best of all, it allows you to seek out roles in locations you may not have previously considered or included in your job search. In the past you might have had to shell out on some flights and accommodation to get to the interview, making it risky and expensive.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia is a national company, with work available in every pocket of Australia. If you’re thinking about a role here, don’t feel restricted to your current location. Check out our job opportunities across Australia or get your CV inside our system so you’re always in the mix. Good luck!

Garth Quinn | Recruitment Manager
Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia

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