Part Lego Enthusiast, Part Treasure Hunter, All Parts!

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Hi everyone!

I’m Ben Petersen, from the Parts Department at the Corporate Support Office here at Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia. I’m here to share some insight into what its like working in Parts.

When I was a kid, my parents bought me sets of Lego. They were easily my favourite toys! I spent hours, days on end, putting those little brightly coloured blocks together. First, I’d follow the instructions and make all those castles, space bases and pirate islands or whatever else was printed on the box.

But the real fun came afterwards! You see, after I made the sets, I’d take them all apart; then, I’d make the coolest looking cars and trucks I could imagine with what was in front of me.

Finding exactly the right piece, turning ordinary Lego blocks into something that I had dreamed up in my head was just unreal. Figuring out the blocks I needed and making them into something that kind of looked like a Lamborghini or Mack was just magic!

If you’re nodding your head right now with memory burn, if you used to get the same sort of satisfaction, then you might just enjoy a career in Parts. Finding exactly the right Lego piece and fitting it so it makes something awesome is pretty much what we do here.

Everyday’s a treasure hunt! We look for the right pieces and we figure out how to get it as fast as possible. What’s more, the scale of operations at Hitachi is just jaw dropping. Instead of working with Lego pieces from a few different boxes, these days, I’m hooked into a fully integrated, global parts network, completely catalogued and ready to go inside Distribution centres the size of football fields. Seriously!

We literally search every corner of Earth to find parts and get it quick smart to arrive in a package, box, truck or container for our customers! Then, when it arrives, we build it, we make it new again, we complete it, we re-animate it!

Right now, I’m loving it! Actually, I reckon everyone here is secretly jealous of the Parts Department! Why wouldn’t they be? I’m like a big Lego playing, treasure hunting kid! Its fun and it’s satisfying. If you’re thinking about a career in Parts, start here.

Ben Petersen | Parts

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