Customers speak about their Hybrid machines in second Hitachi ‘Built Tough’ episode

Hitachi excavator hybrid built tough

Hitachi have released the second episode of their ‘Built Tough’ video series profiling the Hitachi ZH210 Hybrid Excavators.

The series showcase a different Hitachi machine each episode. It allows people to see the machines at work in different environments and hear from real customers about their experiences with Hitachi machinery.

Episode Two of the ‘Built Tough’ series focuses on the Hitachi ZH210 Hybrid excavator, the people behind the technology, along with comments from the first two Australian customers; Reilly Contractors and Duke Contracting.

On the East Coast, Nick from Duke Contracting explains; “the way of the future is being greener and using less fuel and that’s good for both the customer and ourselves".

“We chose to embrace the hybrid technology and so far it’s working out really well for us"

Nick describes the standard Hybrid machine as “the benchmark of 20 tonne excavators"

On the West Coast, Mike from Reilly Contractors; “the Hitachi Hybrid that we have, I can say at this stage, that everything I had hoped for has come true."

“We talk about our carbon footprint but it also needs to make commercial sense to buy one of these machines... this machine is on this job and we can see a saving already on that machine for fuel so it’s ticked those boxes and done exactly what I want of it."

Hitachi Chief Engineer Shiho explains “the world’s trend is heading towards the products which consume less energy and demand from our customers for a hybrid excavator is very high."

“We were able to develop this new hybrid excavator using our knowledge and experience on electrical components."

“Hybrid is futuristic in that the hydraulic system utilises state of the art electronic controls and motor technology which can contribute to better the earth’s environment" says Shinya Imura, another Hitachi Chief Engineer.

The episode shares more firsthand experiences from operators using the machines as well as insight from the engineers behind the technology.

The series is available to view on HCA’s official YouTube channel

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