70th Year Anniversary, 2020

70th year anniversary

Hitachi Construction Machinery

In 2020 Hitachi celebrates its 70th year in the design, development and manufacture of construction machinery and the 50th year anniversary of its subsidiary, Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM). Since 1950 Hitachi has been developing and perfecting excavators and other mining and construction equipment for the global market. In 1965 Hitachi produced the first hydraulic excavator developed with exclusively Japanese technology.

Rapid global development in infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, ports and dams, along with housing development and commercial and industrial construction projects led to a sharp increase in the demand for quality, reliable and high performing construction machinery products. In response to the increasing demand, construction machinery manufacturers worked to enhance product performance. With excavators, there began a shift from traditional mechanical models, to hydraulic machines. Hitachi took on the challenge of developing its own technologies in-house, and in 1965 developed the UH03, the first hydraulic excavator made exclusively with Japanese technology. 

The outstanding reliability and performance of the UH03 earned Hitachi an excellent reputation and one which laid the foundation for the Hitachi UH Series that would expand to over 80 countries worldwide, catapulting Hitachi to become a leading construction machinery manufacturer and supplier. In 2011 the UH03 was certified as “Mechanical Engineering Heritage No. 48” by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Over the past 70 years Hitachi and HCM have been a leader in the development of construction machinery technology across the mining and construction industries. From the development of some the largest hydraulic excavators of their time to being at the forefront of wheel loader technological advancement.

For the many years Hitachi has been operating, the group has committed its business functions in providing customers with reliable products. In order to assert this pledge, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group instituted “JCMG” (Japan Construction Machinery Global) as a certification of quality assurance to customers across the globe.

The HCM Group will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its founding in 2020, which will also commemorate the seventieth year since the start of development and mass production of construction machinery using purely domestic technology.

With the belief that the technology and quality created over the past 70 years constitute the heritage and at the same time the culture of the HCM Group, the “JCMG” mark was born to express this sentiment. Representing the approach to providing construction machinery based on Japanese technology and quality.

The HCM Group products ensure a high level of quality at global production sites, and the “JCMG” mark will be applied not only to products produced in Japan but also to those produced at factories in various locations around the world.

The “JCMG” mark which symbolizes the group’s desire to deliver high-quality construction machinery to global customers will be sequentially affixed to HCM-branded products starting from January 2020.

Going forward, all the production sites of the HCM Group will continue to work together to achieve further improvements in quality and reliability.

See our collection of global videos and stories commemorating our anniversary milestone: 70th.hitachicm.com/en/

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