Consite Data Report System Helps Improve Machine Operation Efficiency

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Hitachi Construction Machinery have recently launched the Consite data reporting service which will come free as part of any new Customer Service Contract  and may also be purchased as part of an annual subscription.

The Consite was designed for the Hitachi range of mid sized and large excavators fitted with factory installed satellite systems. Consite closely monitors the machine operational status and system alarms, ensuring the customer has an optimally tuned machine to meet his specific needs.

The Consite data reporting service provides the customer with a monthly report specific to his machine. The report contains valuable information pertaining to the machine operational status and any system alarms with information and guidance to the customer to improve the operational efficiency of their machine.

One aspect of the report provides the customer with fuel consumption and fuel efficiency over the monthly report period as well as CO2 emission amount for those customers wishing to log for CO2 offsets.

The Hitachi HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail) engine already provides fuel efficiency while matching hydraulic pump performance to the work mode requirements.

The Consite report indicates areas to help the customer improve this operational efficiency. The Non Operation ratio is a measure of non productive engine idle time versus engine on load working time. High non operation ratios represent wasted fuel  due to these high idle times. Customers can be then advised to reduce idle time by shutting the engine down if there prolonged periods of waiting time of more than 5 minutes or more. The auto idle function incorporated in Hitachi machines allows automatic engine speed reduction when hydraulic functions are not used for more than a few seconds but turning this off for extended idling periods where engine cannot be shut down, will give additional fuel savings.

Fuels savings will always be possible when the three work modes available to the customer are used appropriately. The “Economy” mode feature is often overlooked in favour of higher speed operation but when overall consideration is given to productivity and operating costs, the use the E mode will often be more cost effective.

The Consite report also provides the customer with information on swing operation ratio. This factor is a measure of operational performance in loading work. Large swing angle between material to be loaded and dump truck position means long cycle times. Fuel efficiency cost savings can be made by reducing swing angle to improve productivity with additional fuel savings. 

The customer is also provided additional information on hydraulic pump performance. A review of this data will indicate how hard the machine is being worked. High pump pressure range use may be attributed to the type of work or application but it can also be an indicator for operational review. Overloading the machine during digging operations may lead to excessive hydraulic relief valve operation. This wastes energy, creates additional heat in the hydraulic system and of course burns more fuel due to the engine working harder. Smooth digging operations will help conserve fuel, offer more comfort to the operator and will lessen wear and tear on the machine.

Correct service maintenance is the key to longevity of the customer’s equipment and the Consite report provides information on the expected service dates based on current machine usage. Machine running with quality clean fuel and filters serviced at regular intervals will provide both good service life and reduced breakdown. Fuel consumption can be especially affected by clogged air filter elements as seen by increased exhaust smoke, poor power. Genuine Hitachi filters and lubricants should be used for maximum service life.

Finally the Consite report offers information regarding any important system alarms that may have occurred during the report period. These alarms are also sent to the customer as they occur via designated email at the time they occur. The Hitachi Branch will also call the customer should any Emergency alarm occur requiring immediate action.

The Consite Data Report Service when used in conjunction with discussion with the Hitachi Branch Service representative can offer substantial benefits to the customer.

As machine operational efficiency is the key to reduced operational costs and this being directly linked to fuel savings, the key to achieving fuel savings can be summarised in the following points:

  • Maintenance and service up to-date
  • Use genuine Hitachi filters and recommended lubricants
  • Machine idle time kept to a minimum
  • Utilise economy “E mode” where possible
  • Reduce swing arc during loading cycle
  • Operate machine smoothly with minimum relief valve use
  • Ensure any machine system alarms are attended to

Customers can talk to their local Hitachi branch to discuss how the Consite Data Report Service can help them gain machine operational performance and reduced costs through  improved fuel savings.

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