A message to our customers,

Since early 2020, our way of life as a Nation, as communities and as individuals has seen significant change as we adapt to life with Covid-19

As a business, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (HCA), has also altered our structure and process to align with evolving National, Regional and local requirements.

As always, safety has remained our first priority and the protection of our people has been paramount. The immediate action taken as a company in February 2020, combined with the commitment and compliance of our people to the new working environment has resulted in a safe and stable environment for our people and their families.

Most recently we have introduced a program that provides a period of paid leave to assist our staff in better understanding both their suitability to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and also their ability to accessing the vaccine.

In addition to the safety of our people, the continuation of stable supply chains for our customers has been a major focus area.

HCA’s success has always been underpinned by robust and dependable supply chains. During this difficult period, HCA initiated additional measures to ensure our supply to customers was equal to, or better than pre Covid levels.

Whilst the increased contingencies incurred additional costs for HCA, as a company we recognised the already significant pressures on our customer base during this challenging time, and the absolute importance of maintaining equipment and parts availability.

HCA is also cognisant of the impacts the pandemic has had on our people, their families and our customers. We continue to provide additional support as and when required.

We thank you for your on-going commitment to our business and in particular your support in ensuring a safe workplace and community.  We hope you stay well and safe over the days and months ahead and we will continue to inform you if there are further changes that that might affect the way we support you or your business.

If you require further information please contact your local HCA representative or branch, remember we’re here to help. 

Stay safe and well,


Mr Ray Kitic


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