Hitachi Wrapping Up at the 2016 Balmoral Burn

Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn charity fun run staff photograph

The Balmoral Burn celebrated its 16th year running to test the fitness of all ages on Sunday 29th May, 2016 raising much needed funds to purchase life-saving medical equipment for children’s hospitals. Hitachi Construction Machinery entered two corporate relay teams who ran the 420 metre “Hill of Pain” up Awaba Street, Mosman, representing our Sydney branch and one from Head Office. This year for the first time Hitachi Construction Machinery also welcomed a corporate group from Hitachi Limited. 

This year the Sydney branch celebrated a winning time amongst the Hitachi groups of 1.23 minutes, Hitachi Limited's team came in second at 1.31 minutes and the Head Office team third at 1.45 minutes.  

Two days before the big run a Sponsor’s Dinner was hosted whereby Hitachi Construction Machinery bought another two pieces of equipment to be donated through the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, including an Airvo2 Humidifier for Auburn Hospital and a Rad7 Pulse Oximeter for Fairfield Hospital.

Over the past four years HCA has donated 60 items of medical equipment at locations all around Australia. If each piece only gets used once per week then each year we have enriched and potentially helped saved the lives of over 3,000 children. That is something we are sure that you would agree is worthwhile.

Congratulations to the employees who attended and worked on their fitness for such a worthy cause! 

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