Humpty Dumpty Foundation Update

68 participants from across four Hitachi Group of companies took part in the 2014 City2Surf as Team Hitachi; collectively raising over $19,000 for much needed medical equipment. 

Humpty Presentation

Representatives from HCA, Hitachi Ltd, and Hitachi Data Systems recently attended a handover presentation at Liverpool Hospital, in south-western Sydney to recognise three pieces of medical equipment that has been donated by the funds raised by Team Hitachi. 

The money raised has allowed us to purchase the following pieces of life saving medical equipment: 

- Syringe Pump with Bracket. This pump delivers fluids and medication in a controlled and precise manner. The built in drug library helps to reduce errors or complications. 

- MR850 Humidifier. This humidifier keeps the air babies breathe moist to prevent the drying out of secretions and nasal passages. Babies suffering from lung infections and chronic bronchitis rely on humidified air and oxygen to be delivered to their system to breathe restfully and clear reoccurring respiratory problems.

- Intellivue X2 Patient Monitor. This small lightweight monitor is used to measure a baby’s vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels. The portability of the monitor allows the baby to be out of their crib with its parents whilst being continually monitored. In the event of an emergency, the built in alarm sounds, alerting medical staff so they can provide immediate medical attention.

Representing HCA at the handover presentation was David Harvey and Doris Pongrac, who were joined by Anand Singh from Hitachi Ltd and Robert Tosland from Hitachi Data Systems Australia

Humpty Dumpty presentation

Following the presentation, a demonstration of the donated equipment took place, allowing the group the unique opportunity to see firsthand how this specialised equipment works. The group was also given a guided tour around the ward. 

Humpty Dumpty recognition

Once again, Team Hitachi is excited to participate in the City2Surf again this year to be held on Sunday 9th August 2015 in Sydney. As part of our ongoing partnership with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Team Hitachi will once again be raising money for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

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