Safety in the Surat

A John Deere 772GP Grader is passing the test with a CSG project in the Surat Basin

GDEC John Deere Grader 772GP

GD ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION is in the final stages of major civil works in Queensland’s Surat Basin, where they are delivering a number of concurrent works across different coal seam gas projects. 

GD Engineering and Construction (GDEC) Chief Executive Officer, Chris Rodgers, says John Deere equipment is playing a critical role in the development, which includes major engineering, processing, design and management projects.

“This project has been a major test for the John Deere equipment, which has performed well and has been very reliable. The machines have performed through all of the challenges and scored highly with our operators,” Chris says.

GD Engineering and Construction has been providing services for major works across Australia for more than 20 years, specialising in remote area pipelines and construction for the mining, resources and energy sectors. As testament to their stringent work ethic, they boast an 11 year LTI free record and an internally developed Project Execution System (PES), which has received recognition in the industry. 

GDEC’s project works in the Surat Basin include the installation of wells, tie-ins to water power, steel works, development of field control stations, gas and water pipe installations, and interconnections to main gas lines.

They have a number of machines available for this project, and Chris says their John Deere 772GP grader is a standout for consistent delivery of results.

The 772GP boasts larger-than-usual articulation joint roller bearings, big-displacement wet sleeve diesel engines and heavy-duty transmissions, to deliver long-term durability in harsh environments, such as the Surat Basin.

The tough machine is also fitted out with safety features that help GDEC deliver to their sound reputation for safety, including increased visibility from a narrow front console, streamline saddle arms, and floor to ceiling tinted glass. 

The armrest-mounted fingertip controls are arranged in the industry-standard pattern on each side of the steering wheel, which makes for easier operation. 

The 772GP Grader comes standard with JDLINK, which provides 24/7-anywhere computer access to the machine’s location, utilisation, tonnage totals, monitor alerts, fuel-consumption diagnostics, and hours. It also offers geofencing, curfew, and numerous other capabilities.

“The operators are very impressed with the total ease of use of the machinery, including the fit for purpose usability on the job site. The JDLINK system has been invaluable in its reporting capability. The system is out-performing other telemetry systems.”

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