ZW-5 Wheel Loader Official Launch

The official launch of Hitachi’s new ZW-5 wheel loaders took place on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September. The new range was unveiled on Friday afternoon, with over 100 customers and international guests attending the highly anticipated event. 

Following on from the festivities, a live demonstration day was held on Saturday, to give customers the opportunity to operate and experience the new ZW-5 range. 

The new Hitachi ZW-5 wheel loaders bring a new level of efficiency and reliability, with the introduction of three new models ZW-550-5, ZW370-5 and ZW330-5, it’s expanded the range. 

The new range of Hitachi ZW-5 wheel loaders is a proven example of Hitachi’s technology and functionality, incorporating the latest technology in performance, safety and maintenance.

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