Hitachi Asia and Pacific Technicians Competition

Hitachi Asia pacific Technician competition Singapore

The 8th Asia & Pacific Technician Competition recently took place in Singapore, where representatives from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia travelled across the globe to compete for top honours. 

With three prize categories up for grabs, participants had their Theory, Practical and Reporting knowledge put to the test over the 2-day competition. 

The three prize categories were: 

• Best in Theory

• Best in Practical

• Overall Champion

Luke Wilson, from Mackay represented HCA and was the winner of the Best in Practical award, where he had to correctly troubleshoot and diagnose three bugs on the machine within 75 minutes. The Best in Theory award went to New Zealand and Indonesia was awarded as the Overall Champion. 

The aim of this annual competition is to foster the Kenkijin spirit, motivate mechanics and enhance regional communication. 

Congratulations Luke! 

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