Hitachi, Bell and John Deere are three leading, reputable brands that manufacture a wide range of high quality construction machinery and equipment. They strive to continually build upon their standards of productivity, reliability, comfort and safety, as well as creating measures to maintain the machinery after purchase.


Hitachi provides customers with proficient construction and mining machinery that are purpose-built for the toughest construction jobs. Using advanced technology and engineering, Hitachi ensures its machines are strong, reliable, and operate at the lowest cost possible. Every component is thoroughly tested and revised in the manufacturing process, giving customers satisfaction and safety guarantees.


Bell Equipment manufactures efficient and reliable Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT), with a focus on advanced technology and fuel-efficiency. Bell specialises in earthmoving products pertaining to mining, construction and agricultural industries, and offers a range of ADT features to ensure customer satisfaction in all working environments.

John Deere Construction

John Deere Construction equipment is one of the leading brands in the construction industry, offering hard-working, high quality machinery that performs to exceptional standards. John Deere construction equipment is engineered to suit challenging work environments, with enhanced controllability, and an extensive range of features that ensure customers can meet their professional working targets.

John Deere Forestry

John Deere Forestry equipment is the leading range of products in the industry, with an extensive range of purpose-built forestry machines such as feller bunchers and forwarders. With every solution from full-tree to cut-to-length harvesting, John Deere forestry equipment will keep productivity high, costs low and performance to exceptional standards.