We Made It Our Obsession

The New Zaxis-5 series of Excavators from Hitachi


You Asked and We Delivered

With power whenever you need it, new levels of efficiency, reliability and superior operator comfort. The new Zaxis-5 series of features lead to exceptional productivity.


Power and Efficiency

We recognised that fleet owners and operators require high-quality, efficient machines that can work effectively, even in challenging conditions. Equipped with the innovative TRIAS or the redesigned HIOS III hydraulic system, the Zaxis-5 series will provide greater efficiency. The result is simply lower fuel costs which, over time makes a big difference to operating costs.


Innovative hydraulic system

Greater efficiency

Lower fuel costs


Conventional Zaxis

Combined Operation Circuit

New Zaxis*

Combined Operation Circuit


Superior Operator Comfort

We also understand operator comfort is paramount so we obsessed a little further and built a seat and console that now slides further back, offering expanded leg space for a more comfortable working environment. The heated air suspension seat is perfectly suited for colder temperatures and helps minimise operator fatigue by absorbing vibrations during operation. Finally a large multi-function LCD monitor screen has been added providing all necessary data, viewed in bright sunlight or darkness.



With over 50 years experience designing and building machinery to tackle the toughest jobs, you can be assured that Hitachi has delivered the most innovative range of excavators yet. The Zaxis -5 series highlights the development Hitachi has made in advanced technology. Enabling it to manufacture high-quality machines capable of boosting productivity levels on the job site, with significantly lower levels of fuel consumption without compromising on efficiency.


Lower Emissions

Improved Safety

Further Reduction Of Fuel Consumption

Reduced Hydraulic Loss


Hitachi's Productivity Workhorse, One Borne Of Sheer Perseverance


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