ConSite - Data Report Service

The data report service lets you visualise the operational status of your machine and monitor your machine’s day to day operation status in order to maintain optimum efficiency and performance.

ConSite data report services with Hitachi Construction


The ConSite automated data report service is designed for Hitachi construction machines that have satellite system access.

ConSite closely monitors your machines’ operational status and alarms, ensuring the customer has optimally tuned machines to meet their specific needs by sending monthly operational reports and notifying emergency alarms via email.


Owner's Site

Access fully machine data and reporting with Global e-Service.

ConSite Oil

ConSite Oil machine condition monitoring service accessable through Global e-Service.

ConSite Pocket

ConSite Pocket is a machine condition monitoring app for your mobile.


ConSite Shot

ConSite Shot is a mobile app which supports machine inspection reporting.


ISF is our background software that allows us to understand customers needs more precisely when buying parts.

Health & Performance

ConSite data accumulation monitors the machines health and performance.