Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is a leader for equipment in the demolition industry, selling more than 400 demolition machines and attachments worldwide every year.

HCA machinery ranges in size from eight to 150 tons, allowing customers to accomplish specialised operations across a range of scales.

To understand the durability and resistance of HCA machines, it is imperative to understand the environment in which they are constructed. Japan is a country prone to severe earthquakes, meaning buildings are built to resist any sort of shock. Machines need increased strength to break such solid structures, and are equipped with strong arms and attachments to handle even the sturdiest of buildings. As a result, HCA machinery has developed a reputation for being a world leader in durable, reliable equipment designed for the harshest conditions.

Demolition work involves environments with falling dust, metal and concrete, so HCA has equipped demolition spec excavators with special features to keep operators safe. These features include headguards and frontguards to protect the cabin from falling debris, and undercarriage guards to prevent metal from getting caught in the crawler.

Using the experience of working in a country with high rates of construction and demolition, the efficiency of both HCA equipment and attachments has become a trademark in the global industry.