Donaldson filters range

The full range of Donaldson engine, compressor, hydraulic and bulk filters provide exceptional protection in the extreme conditions of construction and aggregate environments.

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Air filtration

Air Filtration

Donaldson air filters can withstand tough environments. Donaldson is a pioneer in the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration.

clean fuel

Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

The sophistication of today's equipment requires higher fuel and fluid cleanliness levels than ever before. Donaldson products can help reduce component replacement and prevent unplanned downtime.

clean fuel


Your engine coolant battles rust, scale formation, acidity, foaming, silicate drop-out and debris while it works to transfer heat and maintain the right operating conditions for optimal fuel economy.

clean fuel

Fuel Filtration

Clean fuel helps minimize expensive repairs and unplanned downtime. Donaldson offers fuel filtration products to protect your fuel systems – including injectors, pumps and engines.


Air filtration

Lube Filtration

Donaldson lube filters keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. We have a complete line of Donaldson oil filters for diesel engines – in both standard life and Donaldson Blue™ for extended service intervals.

Air filtration

Mufflers Exhaust and Accessories

For more than 50 years Donaldson has been a leading supplier of exhaust systems, components and accessories for medium and heavy-duty diesel powered equipment.

Air filtration

Hydraulic Filtration

Donaldson has the right filters, contamination control products and capabilities to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications.

Air filtration

Filter Kits

We offer complete Donaldson kits for your machine.



Why do we choose Donaldson Filtration Products?

Donaldson is a cost effective market leading producer of complete filtration solutions. Although we recommend genuine Hitachi filtration products for your Hitachi machines we know that genuine OEM products are not always a viable option. In order to provide our customers with the best value for money options whilst still delivering high quality filtration products we offer customers a great alternative in Donaldson.

Supplied through your HCA local branch, our National 24/7 Customer Support Centre (1300 HITACHI), or login to Hitachi Parts Online. We are committed to providing around the clock response service, ensuring you get your parts when you need them.

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