We offer a great range of genuine machine fluid products including engine oil and hydraulic oil, gear oils, and our axle oil which was specifically created for our ZW wheel loaders. Our genuine Hitachi oils and lubricants have been specially engineered to boost productivity and ensure a longer life for your equipment. By using genuine Hitachi fluid products you can be assured your warranty remains fully intact, whilst benifiting from increased reliablity and productivity. We stock the full range of construction equipment fluids including:

Genuine Hitachi Fluids Oils and Lubricants


genuine engine oil for construction equipment

Engine Oil

 Our engine oils are blended to ensure optimum performance for Hitachi construction machine engines and meet strict JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organisation) criteria. Our engine oils are also used in our large excavators with continuous high-speed operation under the toughest conditions guaranteeing longer life and higher performance.

genuine hydraulic oil for construction equipment

Hydraulic Oil

 As around 90% of Hydraulic Component failure can be traced to contaminated, old or inferior Hydraulic Oil, it's extremely important to maintain your machinery with the correct Hydraulic Oil. We recommend you use genuine Hitachi Hydraulic Oil for your Hitachi construction equipment to ensure you get the very best out of your machines.

genuine gear oil for construction equipment

Gear Oil

 Maintaining your Hitachi construction machinery with genuine Hitachi Gear Oil can significantly reduce maintenance costs. Using the right gear oil reduces wear on gears and bearings whilst enhancing the performance of the travel gear. Highly adaptable to changes in temperature, allowing smooth oil circulation at low temperatures and enhances the strength of oil film at high temperatures.

genuine axle oil for construction equipment

Axle Oil

 Hitachi genuine Axle Oil guarantees an excellent performance under long hours and harsh conditions. Manufactured specifically for our ZW wheel loader models, our Axle Oil offers extreme pressure capabilities and heat resistance making it perfect for Australian conditions. Stable at high temperatures, it ensures the axles of your ZW wheel loader will perform consistently over a longer period of time.


Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

What is a safety data sheet?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), previously called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), is a document that provides information on the properties of hazardous chemicals that are being manufactured or imported for use, handling or storage in Australia. Also on how these hazardous chemicals can affect health and safety in the workplace. For example a SDS includes the following information on:

  • • The identity of the chemical
  • • Health and physicochemical hazards
  • • Correct safety procedures when storing and handling
  • • What to do in accidents and emergencies
  • • Disposal considerations
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At HCA we take safety very seriously. We have teamed up with Chemwatch to offer you access to our range of Safety Data Sheet’s (SDS) that cover our Hitachi and Bell product lines.

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Why Use Genuine Hitachi Fluids

Genuine Hitachi Fluids are engineered to get the best performance out of each piece of equipment, made from high-quality ingredients, and developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. We test our fluid products in our machines under the toughest conditions to ensure you get the very best out of your machine. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide you with an optimal level of performance and lasting efficiency.

Supplied through your HCA local branch, our National 24/7 Customer Support Centre (1300 HITACHI), or login to Hitachi Parts Online. We are committed to providing around the clock response service, ensuring you get your parts when you need them.

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