Ground Engaging TOOLS (GET)

Our construction equipment is already highly renowned for its reliability, particularly in the toughest environments. To achieve even greater levels of productivity and reliability with your Hitachi machines, you can fit them with our high-quality ground engaging tools (GET). GET can be an important part of your machine configuration. Using the right GET for the job can increase productivity, reduce component wear and maintenance costs, and ultimately help to extend the life of your machine. The right GET helps protect your blades, buckets, and ripper shanks from heavy impact trauma and avoidable machine shudder. Hitachi can provide you with the right GET to extract the most out of your equipment.

GET Ground Engaging tools


Ground Engagement Tool Variety


 No matter the application of your Hitachi machine we have a large variety of GET to suit your machine’s specific needs. Our Hitachi stock includes the best in lips, teeth, shrouds, and rippers and all of our stock meets the strict quality standards of Hitachi.

Quality Ground Engagement Tools


 Every genuine tooth is tested carefully before shipment for perfect fit to the Hitachi adapter. While other GET can leave gaps which cause jiggling or pressure, our teeth fit perfectly, preventing both wear and unexpected detachment. Our GET is designed and manufactured to ensure excellent resistance against wear and shock.

Ground Engagement Tool Machine Productivity

Machine Productivity

Having the right tool for the job increases the ability to get it done properly and efficiently. The same applies to your machine and whether you’re trenching, dredging or moving bulk choosing the right GET is critical to get the most productivity out of your machine.

Ground Engagement Tool Strength and Durability


 The genuine Hitachi tooth has an even distribution of adequate hardness on the inside, on the surface and at the edge as well as the root, ensuring excellent resistance to wear and shock. This kind of durability gives you high reliability that will save you time, money and excessive wear to the unwanted parts of your machine.


Why Use Hitachi's Genuine Ground Engaging Tools

Genuine Hitachi GET are engineered to get the best performance out of your equipment, made from high-quality materials, and developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. We test our GET products on our machines under the toughest conditions to ensure you get the very best out of your machine. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide your machine with an optimal level of performance and lasting efficiency.

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