John Deere Construction Compact Track Loaders


The John Deere 325G Compact Track Loader has a high tipping load, operating capacity and is more comfortable to work in tight quarters. While the 325G remains on the smaller end of Compact Track Loaders range, it's more suitable for jobs requiring significant flexibility and movement.

The 325G comes standard with cab enclosure with air conditioning, heat and defrost, shoulder harness for additional protection, mechanical vinyl suspension seat – for easy cleaning, engine pre-cleaner, AM/FM/WB radio with auxiliary input, wide rubber tracks (400mm) for a wider stance 74.7 inch CTL width. For value added features you have a choice of two packages, from hand controls to Electro hydraulic joystick controls or Electro hydraulic joystick controls with a performance package, from manual hitch to power quick tatch. Choose the right package for your requirements.


John Deere 325G compact track loader
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