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BMI are just getting warmed up with the delivery of two Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader

Since the release of the Hitachi’s new range of wheel loaders, owners and operators are beginning to reap the benefits from the enhanced features they possess. 

BMI Group located in Queensland have grown their orange family to tackle major projects across the metropolitan Brisbane city commenting on the ‘ease of use and comfortable cab’ as driving factors. Site and Plant Manager Ali Afroz says ‘the overall intuitiveness of the machines was my reasoning for purchasing Hitachi wheel loaders, they just make the job easy.’  

Citywide Civil employees

BMI, a family owned business have been leading the market in property development and waste management industries since 1988, committed to supporting local communities and providing innovative solutions for to their clients in both industries.

Currently operating out of the conveniently located facilities across South East Queensland providing recycling, waste transfer and landfill activities to the market. 

“Our resource recovery is focused on the separation of concrete, steel and timber from the waste stream to minimise waste to landfill and maximise recyclables. We also provide a broad range of quality recycled concrete products for use in the building, landscaping and civil construction industries,” said Ali. 

BMI is committed to providing sustainable practices, revolutionary solutions and consistent improvement in recycling, resource re-use and resource recovery.

“We work on a variety of projects at the same time, so the requirements to deliver on deadline is imperative to our success,” he said. 

Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader
Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader

Several features of the ZW370-5 including its world-class safety rating and 360° panoramic view from the spacious cab were among the reasons BMI considered Hitachi as their first choice. “The all-round visibility and low-noise performance of Hitachi wheel loaders makes them stand out from their competition. They offer a comfortable working environment for operators which is very important to us, and a highly reliable and efficient operation for challenging quarrying environments,” Ali said.

BMI Group employees
The team at BMI Group taking delivery of the two Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loaders

Designed and engineered with the demands of the Australian environment in mind, the latest range of Hitachi wheel loaders offer advanced performance without compromising on efficiency, including improved fuel consumption and Ali tends to agree.  “They are highly fuel efficient, with an automatic gear shift which makes for positive productivity, easy to use. Fast on the ground and extremely comfortable to drive with good torque on power.” 

Using market-leading technology in Japan, the ZW370-5 has been developed with the environment, and operator comfort and safety in mind. Ideal for a wide range of construction and quarrying applications, the larger wheel loader is extremely versatile and offers exceptional reliability. BMI is a regular operator of wheel loaders, with their main operator commenting on the comfortability the cab provides all day long.

“We know Hitachi make great machines, we also work closely with our Sales Representative, Ross Anderson to ensure we have the right equipment to suit the right application. HCA provided us with flexibility and tailored the package to our needs to give me more time to focus on the real job,” said Ali.

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