MET Recycling take delivery of their first Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader to assist facility operations in haulage and disposal services

Hitachi Wheel Loader -5 MET Recycling

A recently opened new Recycling Facility located in Silverwater, Sydney are reaping the benefits of its Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader. Delivered in late November 2017, it is the first Hitachi machine for business owner Jason O’Sullivan at MET Recycling.

The company specialises in haulage and disposal of all material classifications, ensuring that all materials are transported to suitably licensed tips or facilities which hold current D.A approvals.

Equipped with a 4m3, the ZX250-5 has already clocked 500 working hours so far. The new wheel loader is utilised to load various materials such as brick, cement, clay and other acceptable tipping materials for haulage and disposal. The site is also equipped to supply product including DG20 Spec 3051, Sandstone 75mm minus, Aggregates (all sizes), Crusher Dust, Filling Sands, Turf Underlay, all of which the ZX250-5 comes in contact with.

“The new loader is put to the test on a daily basis in the yard to deliver on all services our company provides, it’s resilience and outstanding performance in efficiency and productivity have impressed me as a new Hitachi machine owner,” said Jason.

Hitachi wheel loader recycling

MET is Code Compliant, all trucks and machines are regularly serviced with operators and drivers holding relevant cards to work on rail. The site is equipped to work a 24 hour day over 7 days a week in demand. On average MET are processing 3,000 tonnes of recycling material per day and they aim to undertake up to 300 truck movements per day going forward.

“It’s imperative that the wheel loaders are reliable above all else, we have big plans for this site so we need to ensure the jobs are completed in a timely manner in order to prepare for the future,” said Jason.

Designed and engineered to meet the demands of the Australian market, the model offers advanced performance without compromising on efficiency, thanks to low levels of fuel consumption and Jason couldn’t agree more. “They’re fuel efficient, with an automatic gear shift which makes for positive productivity by being easy to use. I’ve noticed how fast on the ground they can be and my operator raves about the comfortability with good torque on power,” he said.

Several features of the ZW250-5 including its world-class safety rating and 360° panoramic view from the spacious cab were among the reasons MET considered Hitachi as their first choice. “The all-round visibility and low-noise performance of Hitachi wheel loaders makes them stand out from their competition. They offer a comfortable working environment for operators which is very important to us, and a highly reliable and efficient operation for a challenging and fast-paced recycling facility,” Jason said.

Wheel loader Hitachi at MET-Recycling

Using market-leading technology in Japan, the ZW250-5 has been developed with the environment, and operator comfort and safety in mind. Ideal for a wide range of construction and quarrying applications, the wheel loader is extremely versatile and offers exceptional reliability.

The wheel loader is also the first Hitachi for Business Owner Jason, “our operator tells me it’s very fast and comfortable, and the perfect size for loading trucks of various sizes – not too big and not too small,” he says. “The cab offers great visibility and a quiet working environment along with air conditioning, making it a very comfortable working space inside a fast-paced job site.”

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