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Hitachi excavators support the clearing for the new Wentworth Point development in Sydney’s Northwest.

Citywide Civil machines at work

Since the release of the new Hitachi Zaxis-5 range of excavators, owners and operators are beginning to reap the benefits from the enhanced features they possess. 

Citywide Civil Engineering located in Sydney, NSW have grown their orange family to tackle major projects across the metropolitan city commenting on the ‘ease of use and comfortable cab’ as driving factors. Business owner Bill Mihalopoulos says ‘the overall intuitiveness of the machines was my reasoning for purchasing Hitachi excavators, they just make the job easy.’  

The company entered the construction game in 2009 and now undertakes a multitude of civil excavation works. Activities include bulk excavation, pavement, drainage, road reconstruction and public rehabilitation works but Bill says their real secret to success lies in the strong relationships they’ve formed with councils, developers, and local communities.  

“We work on a variety of projects, in particular with government bodies such as council groups, developers, Housing NSW, Transport Construction Authority and the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) so the requirements to deliver on time is imperative to our success,” he said. 

Citywide Civil excavator at work
Citywide Civil excavator at work
Citywide Civil excavator at work

“Reinvestment in our business is important to support the needs of our high profile clients, so we continue to expand our range of owned machinery. So far we have a ZX17, ZX38, ZX55, ZX85, ZX330 and the big ZX350 excavator from Hitachi. They supply machines of outstanding quality and cover the full product range of capacities from the small 1.7 tonne excavator to the bigger 35 tonne machines. In addition, Hitachi provide a full scheduled service to all our machines which allows us to meet the course of projects in a timely manner.” 

“We’re currently working on a large bulk excavation works for the new development at Wentworth Point for Dasco Australia requiring specific excavators. Our Hitachi excavators have been excellent for this job in particular. All our equipment is maintained to the highest standards ensuring compliance with all operational safety considerations. Furthermore our skilled and motivated operators are trained to the highest industry standards to ensure our quality of work & provide for a safe environment.”

Citywide Civil employees
Citywide Civil operating crew

When asking Bill about the feedback from his operators, he mentioned the Hitachi excavators overall are fully ‘conversant’ with machine operation which gives his operators the confidence to work competently and autonomously on a job site. 

Bill couldn’t be happier with his new machines and believes their living up to their name.

“Bulk and detailed excavation which at times require machines with specific capabilities and small machines for easy manoeuvrability in restricted spaces. The Hitachi excavators are excellent for reliability and require minimum down time,” he said. 

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