Concreting With Style

The Morison's Concreting team.

Established in 1990, Melbourne-based Morison’s Concreting is a business that prides itself on investment in reliable and quality machinery supported by a dedicated workforce. Experience with Councils and various governmental organisations has seen the business become specialists across the areas of road construction, drainage, pits, channels and industrial crossings. Business owner Grant Morison indicated the investment in quality machinery and emphasis on safety had a positive impact on the performance of his workforce.

“I believe that providing my staff with good working conditions, input into business decisions and reliable machines will ensure a high level of commitment and quality work,” he said.

The delivery of a Hitachi ZX50U-3 mini excavator has joined the existing John Deere 318D skid steer loader to form the perfect partnership.

Aside from the line-up of trucks that assist in the transport of equipment between worksites, the combination of these machines has proven a valuable asset to the business. “When working with concrete, reliability is crucial,” said Grant. “The move to more robust machinery with heavy duty features was necessary, which made us look to Hitachi and John Deere for the best solution.”

The Hitachi ZX50U-3 ticked all the boxes for Morison’s Concreting. Previous experience with Hitachi excavators made it an easy decision for Grant, particularly as all the extra features were standard and not ‘add-ons’. From visibility, zero tail swing, easy cab accessibility and overall layout of machine features, Grant expressed his enthusiasm over the new excavator.

“The position of the cooling system and vents is fantastic as they are out of the way making room for storage. Being able to store toolboxes, grease guns and other items really saves us time as we don’t need to head back to the trailers,” he said.

Grant reported on the significant amount of power generated by both the excavator and skid steer.

John Deere 318D skid steer loading concrete bays.

The decision to choose the ZX50U-3 with straight swing boom was driven by the need for more power compared to Grant’s previous offset excavator.

“Digging dirt is no problem at all and the anti-vibration rubber tracks create a really smooth ride,” he said.

The auto idle was an attractive feature for Grant as it reduced fuel consumption, emissions and noise. When shifting the control lever to neutral, the engine speed slows down automatically to idling speed. This feature is advantageous when working in urban residential districts where special environmental regulations are in place.

Lifting and transporting concrete bays makes up a major part of the work undertaken by the skid steers within the business.

“Our skid steer allows us to lift 400kg footpath bays and lay them onto the truck. When lifting concrete up and over the top of the truck, it is easy to do without the concrete falling out of the bucket. There is heaps of power!” said Grant.

“The Hitachi team in Melbourne has been very reliable and quick to respond with the mutual understanding that time is valuable and quick solutions are required,” he said.

Over the next five to six years, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia looks forward to delivering product support and financing to assist Grant’s expanding business.

“I have dealt with numerous financiers and brokers over the past 20 years, and found Marubeni Equipment Finance to be the best, most efficient and competitive of the lot. The fact that Hitachi and Marubeni work hand-in-hand made the entire process very easy for me.”

Grant highlighted the service was quick and efficient as he only dealt with one person during the process. This meant there were no distractions preventing him from running his business. “I will certainly be using Marubeni Equipment Finance next time,” he said.

“Our skid steer allows us to lift 400kg footpath bays and lay them onto the truck.”

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