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Tough terrain puts Hitachi’s mini range to the test in a residential development in Port Lincoln, South Australia

Hitachi Mini Excavator Digginit Earthworx

A loyal Port Lincoln customer has confirmed his loyalty to Hitachi Construction Machinery, following the initial purchase of a 3.5-tonne used model. Owner Matt Christian invested in the mini excavator in 2004 during the start-up phase of his business, DigginIt Earthworx. Specialising in residential and commercial construction projects across the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 

“When we purchased the machine, we found that it out-performed any other machine I’d operated previously,” says Matt. “This has continued to be our experience and now I wouldn’t even consider another brand.” 

Mini Excavator Loading truck

“The wear and tear we put our machines through is tough to say the least, but Hitachi equipment, starting with that first used excavator, well and truly outperformed all other equipment. I was stunned that we were able to do 3,000 hours without any problems on a second hand machine.”

Matt has since purchased another four Hitachi excavators, starting with a ZX50U-2 in 2007, and followed by a ZX38U-5 and ZX55U-5, and a ZX85USB-3 medium excavator. The durability and reliability of the Hitachi machines have been particularly impressive: “We clocked over 7,000 hours with the ZX50U-2 without a single issue,” he explains. 

“We use the machinery on all our rock-breaking tasks, and find the Hitachi equipment to be both robust and able to withstand the harshest of conditions.” 

Truck, Mini Excavator and Worker

“All of the mini-excavators I have are powerful enough to excavate rough terrain, and their sensitivity and response make them the best to operate in any job. They are usually operated for 10 hours per day, so both durability and operator comfort are important.” 

In addition, Matt has complete confidence in his authorised dealer, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd. to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. 

“The Hitachi after-sales is another positive factor. There is always a quick turnaround with parts and they are always readily available even after hours. Keeping worksites running is essential in my line of work.”

Hitachi Mini excavator with Digginit Earthworx Truck

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