Australia’s first Hitachi ZX55U-5 mini excavator delivered to GTS Earthworks

GTS Earthmoving

Since their release into the Australian market, the Hitachi Zaxis-5 mini excavators have infiltrated construction sites across the country.

GTS Earthworks didn’t waste any time putting in their order for 2018, after recently taking delivery of a Hitachi ZX33U-5 and two ZX55U-5 mini excavators.

The privately owned company is based Kurnell in New South Wales, with 11-years in the construction game. Their first Hitachi was purchased in 2007, then a ZX40U-2 mini excavator, ZX50U-3, ZX40U-3, ZX120-3 and ZX135US-5.

Starting out in excavation for swimming pools and over the years has grown into the commercial arena and residential projects ranging from small detail to large bulk excavations.

Business owner Gavin Sant GTS couldn’t wait to get his hands on the new Hitachi mini after experience with the previous model.

“All my operators are happy with the performance, the advantages we get out of them with fuel and productivity. The service and after-sales from Hitachi proves nothing is ever a problem they can’t handle,” said Gavin.

“I wanted the new ZX55U-5 as the Hitachi’s are known for their quick and smooth movement and its ability to work in tight areas,” said Gavin.

“Apart from fitting perfectly on the back of the truck, it is a great all-round machine that can still do the big stuff like digging out of carparks.”

“There were also significant improvements in the new model including a larger, more comfortable cab with an improved air-conditioning system, a tilting cab for easy servicing and a cooling system preventing the machine from overheating on hot days.”

When asking Gavin about how his new excavators are performing, he mentioned overall machine reliability and support from Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia as being first-rate.

“I’ve already put over 250 hours on the new machines and they’re going strong!” he said.

“Our sales rep Barry Cahill provides attention to detail in order to meet the needs of his customers, making sure we get the right equipment, productivity in the machines that we’re purchasing and cost efficient solutions to ensure the job is second to none.”

GST Earthworks

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