1st choice Hitachi excavator with workers

1ST CHOICE GROUP/TKN Civil Works on the Gold Coast is flexible about many aspects of their business, but ensuring reliable service and quality results by using rugged machinery is not one of them.

For seven years, the family-run business has been servicing a wide variety of customers on projects from bulk earth works like carparks and road construction to smaller projects like rock walls and draining projects, as well as providing general plant hire.

To ensure they can provide comprehensive services, 1st Choice Group/TKN Civil Works has an extensive fleet, ranging from smaller 3.5 tonne open cab excavators to large 22.5 tonne excavators. 

The company’s six Hitachi excavators are designed to be user-friendly and easily adaptable, which means 1st Choice Group/TKN Civil Works can deliver to their customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

“We handle jobs that can be as quick as one day or extend out as far as 12 months, and we have to be able to accommodate for these,” says Travis Northcott, Managing Director, 1st Choice Group/TKN Civil Works.

“Having the versatility of the Hitachi range means that we’re able to establish ourselves on site very quickly and start the job as soon as possible. This way we don’t waste any time.”

Travis says his diverse operation means completing jobs in all kinds of conditions, including wet, sandy surfaces, marine mud, steep hills, tight access spaces and contaminated ground. They’re challenges, he says, that his Hitachi’s can handle.

“We had one job on the south side of Brisbane where we faced every challenging terrain you could throw at us – sandy, wet marine mud, buried concrete and waste, even asbestos. Our excavators went right through it and had no issues, and with the expertise of our civil management team, we got the project done to spec.”

A key aspect of being ready to jump at any request is the meticulous maintenance of their equipment.

“Our equipment is always serviced and maintained to the highest standard to prevent unnecessary downtime. It means we’re able to respond as and when needed,” Travis says. 

“We highly value having a well-serviced and modern-looking fleet, and feel that it starts us off on the right foot with customers.

“The level of maintenance and care we take with our fleet directly reflects the level of respect and care we take with our customers’ job sites.”

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