Hitachi Mini Excavators

Hitachis range of mini excavators are packed with competitive features

Hitachi Mini Excavators
Hitachi ZX60USB-3 mini excavator. 

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is a proud supplier of the versatile range of mini excavators, engineered to the same quality as Hitachi’s construction and mining industry-leading hydraulic excavators. The purpose-built minis are specifically designed to maximise operator comfort, productivity and performance. These machines suit a diverse range of applications including infrastructure, construction, landscaping, residential and commercial developments, material handling and scrap recycling, as well as deconstruction.

Legendary reliability and powerful hydraulics feature across all mini excavator models from the 1.4 tonne through to the 6 tonne model. Hitachi’s zero tail swing allows operators to undertake excavation work in confined and complex spaces with pinpoint controllability and manoeuvrability.

As you’d expect from Hitachi, the mini excavator range is packed with competitive features that drive machine performance. Operator comfort is enhanced with the option of an open canopy or pressurised air conditioned cabin, high back seats and excellent 360° visibility.

A heavily reinforced structure with strengthened blade, arm and boom has created the toughest mini on the market. Superior stability has been achieved through the integration of the Hitachi D-frame structure and cast steel undercarriage.

HCA offers longer service intervals across the mini range. Its extensive parts network throughout Australia facilitates streamlined parts availability to customers and efficient maintenance maximises productivity and lowers daily operating costs.

Hydraulic Mini Excavators

Key Features of the Mini Range

  • Zero Tail Swing: Hitachi’s distinguished zero tail swing allows operators to undertake excavation work in confined and complex spaces that are restricted by limited accessibility.
  • Reinforced D-Shaped Frame: The machine frame is reinforced with a D-shaped frame that protects against damage and impact by obstructions.
  • Auto-Idle Function: When shifting the control lever to neutral, engine speed slows automatically down to idling speed four seconds later, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and noise.
  • Reinforced Blade: The box-section stay is utilised at the blade for higher durability.
  • New-Structure Rubber Crawlers: The Hitachi-developed rubber crawlers are highly durable, featuring a steel-cored structure that protects shoe edges from being damaged even when riding on curbs.

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