Hitachi ZH210 Hybrid excavators showcase the latest in electric and hydraulic technologies

The excavators utilise electric hybrid technology in conjunction with swing momentum to regenerate energy - this provides the ultimate platform to reduce fuel consumption.

The Hitachi ZH210 Hybrid excavators represent decades of innovation, research and development in hydraulic, electric and battery-powered excavator technologies.

Engineered by Hitachi Construction Machinery, the Hybrid models herald the start of a new generation of excavators. Equipped with the innovative TRIAS-HX hybrid system, these machines utilise a combination of regenerated electric and hydraulic power with swing momentum.

The excavators utilise electric hybrid technology in conjunction with swing momentum to regenerate energy – this provides the ultimate platform to reduce fuel consumption.

The combination of regenerated electric power and hydraulic power to the swing motor is an exclusive feature to Hitachi.

In comparison to the standard ZX200-3 excavator – featuring two pumps and two control valves – the TRIAS-HX hybrid system with large capacity tripump control valve, delivers increased performance, responsive operation and energy savings.

Generating 165 horsepower, the Hybrid incorporates a four cylinder Isuzu diesel engine. This provides significant fuel reductions and higher productivity in the 20-tonne excavator class.

The subsequent fuel savings equate to an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 9.7 tonnes compared with the standard Hitachi ZX200-3 model. Additionally, by selecting the hybrid’s eco-mode, engine speed can be decreased to deliver even greater fuel efficiency.

A monitoring system supports machine operation by highlighting fuel usage data on an average hourly and daily basis.

Aside from energy-efficient operations, an automatic stop function cuts the engine during machine idling, which limits unnecessary fuel consumption and minimises exhaust emissions and noise levels.

An increased demand exists for earthmoving equipment manufacturers to design environmentally-sustainable technology. As part of a global commitment to the environment, particularly in emerging countries across the globe, Hitachi Construction Machinery continues to evolve its products by introducing innovative industry solutions.

The Hitachi Hybrid recently won the 2013 Earthmover & Civil Contractor Environmental Choice Award for its contribution to the environment.


Hybrid System

The swing motor converts energy recovered from swing braking into electrical energy. This electrical energy is transmitted via the power control unit to the capacitor unit.

The stored electrical energy is used to accelerate the engine and help swing the upper structure. Using swing momentum is the basis for hybrid technology, which reuses energy and saves fuel.

1. Swing motor

Works together with electric and hydraulic swing motors. The electric swing motor generates electricity during swing braking, and assists the hydraulic swing motor for swing acceleration. The two motors work to control the swing similar to a conventional hydraulic excavator.

2. Electric assist motor

Generates electricity by engine power and controls the amount of stored electricity in the capacitor unit to help drive the engine.

3. Power control unit (PCU)

Controls electricity between electric assist motor, electric swing motor and capacitor unit.

4. Capacitor unit

Captures electricity generated during swing braking and delivers it to the electric swing motor.

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