Jaydo Gains Traction

Jaydo expands fleet with new 333D compact track loader

333E John Deere Compact loader

Jaydo Construction is a leading pipeline and water infrastructure construction specialist, earning its strong reputation by delivering quality projects on time and within budget. Jaydo is a privately owned business with generations of experience and a dedicated workforce that takes a hands-on approach to their projects.

Jaydo has experienced engineers, supervisors, plant operators, pipe specialists and site personnel. In addition, they have a large fleet of construction plant and equipment to perform these projects in Victoria and mobile teams operating throughout Australia.

According to Jaydo Construction’s Managing Director, Dirk de Haan, “Jaydo had recently purchased the new 333D compact track loader for its individual features and its ability to fulfil some unique site requirements faced by the construction team.

“We were always happy with the performance of our three John Deere mini loaders, however I wouldn’t make an investment decision like this without investigating all options on the market,” said Dirk.

The team went out into the market, extensively researching current equipment and assessing performance, safety and suitability to the team’s individual needs.

The team at Jaydo chose the John Deere 333D compact track loader based on a combination of reasons. Its impressive compaction and ability to backfill to the required density index ensures the project team can precisely meet design requirements.

Jaydo’s 333D compact track loader

“There is a lot of upside in utilising the John Deere 333D compact track loader, particularly maximising efficiency when performing a combination of other duties,” said Dirk.

The exceptional breakout force of the machine combined with stability makes it extremely efficient in its operation. Another aspect that has impressed operators is the John Deere power. “It can plough straight through a ten cubic metre load of dumped sand without stalling or bogging down. This enables quick truck unloading cycle times and efficient backfilling of open trenches. A normal wheel loader does not have this pushing power and would be bogged in this type of application,” added Dirk.

Safety was a major consideration by Jaydo. The 333D has excellent vision, which is extremely important to operators in maintaining a safe working environment, particularly for others working in and around the area. 

Other benefits the team has seen from the machine include cost effective maintenance and the open track system makes cleaning quick and easy —a priority when moving between sites.

As indicated by Dirk, operator feedback has been really positive. “The 333D is quiet, comfortable and maintains a fresh environment inside the cabin.
This in turn maintains good operator focus on work and reduces potential for fatigue during long periods of operation.”

Since the arrival of the 333D, Jaydo site personnel have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of its operation and capability. The machine has proven itself as a highly useful tool of choice in the construction equipment fleet.

For many years, Jaydo have had an excellent relationship with the representatives at Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia when making decisions based on machinery requirements.

“We appreciate Hitachi’s assistance and frontline approach in establishing individual needs for the unique projects we undertake. Product knowledge and market insight helped facilitate the decision to purchase this track mounted loader,” said Dirk.

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