The long term relationship between Hitachi and GPP delivers reliable machines and service

GPP Hitachi mid-sized excavator

‘Just like part of the family’ is a very solid recommendation for a business relationship, and that’s exactly how the team at GPP Excavation and Demolition Contractors describes its 30-year connection with Hitachi.

The Sydney-based company handles a wide range of excavation and demolition work, including road building and widening and concrete slab replacement, for state government bodies such as Roads and Maritime Services

GPP was started by Peter Mitropoulos in 1986 and his first major purchase was two 27-tonne Hitachi excavators. According to Peter’s son George, who now runs the company with his brother Theo, the company has run Hitachi plant almost exclusively since then. They currently have eight excavators, ranging in size from five to 22 tonnes.

George’s team has worked on some high profile jobs around Sydney, including removing the toll gantries 

on the M4 motorway and replacing slabs on the Harbour Bridge.

So, why Hitachi?

“Dad started it and then every time we talked about getting a new machine, he would say ‘get a Hitachi’, so we did,” George says.

While he’s not exactly sure how the whole relationship started, George says his father had worked with Hitachi plant before starting his own business. He told his sons the machines were reliable and efficient and the customer service was good, and that was all he needed to know to make that first decision. 

“He was happy with them and that’s why we’ve kept on buying them. It’s not just about their reliability and performance, but also because of the luxury they offer for the operator. 

“They’re really comfortable, with good visibility and they are easy to learn and easy to operate. They’re a very good, strong machine and really, we’ve had very few problems with them.”

George says price was never an issue, and he subscribes to the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’.

“You can’t go past the quality of the machinery, the level of performance, and the customer service. The service is fantastic – we do a lot of night work as well as day work and whenever we need them, they are there to back us up.”

Safety is very important to GPP. The company is meticulous about the safety of its staff, and other people who are working where GPP teams are operating. 

“Hitachi is very solid on safety – all their machines comply with the latest regulations – and that’s really important to us.” 

George says Hitachi offers a range of safety features as standard, including anti-drop valves. Without that initiative, if the hydraulic system blows, the boom can lose pressure and swing or fall. The anti-drop valves kick in if a hose blows, holding the boom in place.

“We’ve looked at other machines but we’ve always gone back to Hitachi because they’re like part of our family. Having a Hitachi machine on our sites is just part and parcel of what GPP is all about.”

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