Partnership withstands sands of time

Hitachi delivers superior service and robust machinery to Trenel Sands

John Deere wheel loaders and Hitachi excavator

Working in the sand businesses is dusty, tedious work, but family-owned sand and aggregate supply company Trenel Sand are able to meet their customers’ needs with the help of reliable machines and quick, responsive service. 

Part of the Davalan Group, Trenel Sand supplies washed sands, predominantly for its own concrete division Davalan Concrete, as well as other leading concrete suppliers in Adelaide. The processing plant includes a large (wet-classification) sand facility and a modern dry screening plant.

Trenel Sands run a fleet comprising a mix of John Deere and Hitachi equipment, including: a John Deere 644K wheel loader, a 724K John Deere wheel loader, and a Hitachi ZX270LC-3 hydraulic excavator. The machines are expected to work at optimum performance in rough terrain and dusty conditions, moving stockpiles, feeding sand into screeners, cleaning dams and excavating in the pit.

“The machines’ performance is excellent,” says Alan Tudorovic, Managing Director of the Davalan Group.

 “The operators appreciate the cabin comfort, ease of maintenance, power and speed of the machines, as well as the machine stability. They seem to be a lot more stable on the ground.  Our operators are happy and comfortable in the cabin environment, which makes them more productive throughout the day.”

As a smaller operation, it is Trenel Sand’s ability to adapt and respond to their customers that allows them to stay competitive in today’s market, and as part of this, the company relies on Hitachi. 

“Being a family business operation, we don’t have spare machinery lying around should something go wrong. We depend on the reliability of the machinery and the service that Hitachi provides. We put a lot of pressure on our machinery and it does the job extremely well, allowing us to react quickly to our customers’ needs and requirements.”

While the machines are robust and reliable, Alan explains that it’s really Hitachi’s service and parts support that sets them apart. Whether it’s replacing a small part, or staying on top of regular servicing, Alan says that Hitachi’s service and support goes above and beyond.

“We have had a 25 year association with Hitachi; they have always proved to be able to look after our machinery and our sales requirements. You don’t have a long history with a company unless they’re doing all the right things from sales to parts and service. The Hitachi brand has certainly proven their reliability, ease of operation and maintenance.”

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