Terra Civil Races Ahead With Hitachi

Hitachi excavators prove a driving force at Terra Civil

With thirty years experience, Terra Civil continues to evolve the construction landscape and expand its portfolio of bulk and detailed excavation work, demolition and site preparation, civil works, haulage and plant hire.

Hitachi ZX50

Starting as a family business, the company has built a strong reputation as an industry specialist. Terra Civil has worked on several government projects, partnering with organisations such as Railcorp, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and local government authorities.

Hitachi excavators have proved a driving force on the Terra Civil team with machines operating on over 75% of projects. The fleet consists of seven excavators, from five tonnes to twenty-one tonnes, and are upgraded every three to four years. “We are really happy with the versatility of the Hitachi fleet and overall performance,” said Emilio Spinozzi, Director of Terra Civil. “The excavators far exceed the duties required with very minimal downtime.”

Positive operator feedback continues to increase confidence at Terra Civil. According to Emilio, “The machines are stable and incredibly comfortable, especially during longer operating hours. Excavators are easy to use and contribute to a higher quality finished product.”

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) has developed a great relationship with Terra Civil over the past thirty years. During this time, the company has purchased 68 Hitachi excavators and has never considered any other brand.

“Hitachi provides service agreements that are
cost-effective and allow us to provide a reliable service to our clients,” said Emilio. HCA looks forward to strengthening its business relationship with Terra Civil as well as continuing to support its machinery and service requirements.


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