Tonka Toys to real-life dream


Real life Tonka toys Hitachi excavator

From his early childhood playing with Tonka trucks in the sandpit, Auscon Earthworks’ Director, Tom Markovski, always dreamt of owning and operating his own machines. After spending some time in the mines, this dream soon became a reality when he decided to change direction and pursue a new venture.

“My time in the mines gave me the confidence and experience to operate machinery of all sizes,” said Tom. I’ve always loved machinery and my family has always been in the construction game. All these things opened my eyes to the idea that I could actually start my own business and do it myself.”

Upon his return to Melbourne, Tom purchased a truck along with a mini excavator, laying the foundation for his own business, of which he’s now been running for around six years.

Auscon Earthworks has evolved into a residential and civil works specialist adopting the latest industry technologies and earthmoving techniques.

Since taking ownership of the Hitachi mini excavator ZX55U-5, Tom has put his new toy to the test across a variety of projects from house block excavations to large-scale bulk earthworks—everything from new residential developments, site vegetation scrapes and final detailed excavations through to driveways, trenches and footings.

“The Hitachi is a dream machine. I know exactly what it’s capable of and I expect the best performance out of it every time. It’s also really comfortable and easy to operate, which makes a difference when you’re in the driver’s seat all day.

“I believe in strong business relationships. My Hitachi sales rep Rob Zadel is a great guy all-round and I look forward to further business dealings in the future.”

As Auscon expands they will continue to give “down to earth” service which is honest and reasonable to current and future clients.

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