Fleet of Hitachi mini excavators bust into action at leading earthmoving equipment supplier

Hitachi ZX40U-3 mini excavator with a log grapple.

Established in 1992, Trenchbusters has been providing earthmoving equipment solutions to a diverse range of clients across both the domestic and commercial industries in Perth. A ‘reactionary’ service model supported by highly experienced operators allows same day servicing to be delivered to customers, reflecting the uniqueness of Trenchbusters within the industry. Starting with only one mini excavator, Trenchbusters have experienced significant growth over the past twenty years to become one of Perth’s leading suppliers of wet hire (with operator) and dry hire (without operator) earthmoving equipment.

Hitachi mini excavators have become major players in the Trenchbusters fleet proving versatile across projects. In the fleet there are two ZX17U-2, one ZX30U-3, three ZX40U-3, one ZX50U-3 and one ZX60USB-3. “When comparing the Hitachi ZX40U-3 to our previous machines, we were very impressed with the quality, versatility, warranty and product support,” said Trenchbusters’ Maintenance Manager. “After our first purchase, Hitachi’s after sales support heightened our confidence in purchasing several more machines.”

The machines continue to excel in all areas of performance with operators impressed with the available features and functionality. “Some of the first batch of machines we purchased are now up around 2500 hours and have not experienced any issues. Operators are completely satisfied with the visibility, lifting and digging capabilities, as well as the impressive stability offered by the entire fleet of Hitachi excavators.”

Primary applications being undertaken by the Hitachi minis include soak well installations, rock breaking, auguring and trenching. Improved comfort and versatility offered by the Hitachi machines have been prominent features reported by operators. The minis have proven extremely versatile due to the minimum tail swing and extended arm reach. The lift and dig capabilities of the machines have also been highly suitable on Trenchbusters projects, which range from lighting upgrades, shopping centre construction and demolition through to long distance trenching.

Trenchbusters plan to expand and upgrade their Hitachi fleet over the next twelve months with the addition of a new ZX17U-2, one ZX30U-3, one ZX40U-3 and potentially a ZX85USB-3 or ZX120-3 excavator. “Hitachi have really helped facilitate our machine upgrades with great sales and product support as well as in-depth knowledge of their products.”

“We have a large pool of sub-contractors who have followed suit in trading in their current machines onto the latest range of Hitachi machinery. They have observed that we have had great success in the transition and the machines have outperformed in certain conditions, making the decision to change hard to refuse.”

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