Zaxis-5 Mini Excavators

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia introduces the new Zaxis-5 mini excavators, which have evolved into the ultimate species to deliver a new level of precision, power and productivity to machine owners and operators.

Evolution over decades has seen Hitachi develop into an unrivalled species through product innovation, quality engineering, and continued advancements in excavator technology.

Customised to suit a diverse number of industry applications, Hitachi mini excavators are being relied upon around the world in areas including infrastructure, construction, landscaping, residential and commercial developments through to material handling, scrap recycling and deconstruction.

Extending on the success of its predecessor model, the new Zaxis range boast a number of customer inspired features and revolutionary upgrades.

Hitachi’s renowned compact swing radius and precise movement allow smooth, quick and responsive controllability in complex and challenging applications.

Factory standard hose rupture valves have been integrated in all mini excavator models to further enhance machine safety, as well as a strengthened, newly designed frame structure for both safety and greater machine durability.

Productivity has increased by an average of 2.75% across four of the new models, with an 11.5% reduction in fuel consumption within respective models.

Just like Hitachi’s mid-size excavators, a power mode and eco-mode have been incorporated into the new mini excavators, optimised for both performance and improved fuel efficiency. The eco-mode not only increases fuel efficiency by reducing the speed of the front attachment, however it also supports a similar level of performance to that experienced in power modes of conventional models.

A new energy-efficient engine minimises fuel consumption and noise levels by suppressing excessive engine RPMs during light operations.
Auto idle comes standard, preventing unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions when the excavator is idling.

The intelligent transmission system automatically shifts between high and low according to load, whereby transmission shifts to low for smooth climbing. Travel speeds can also be switched during blade operations, and the distance between blade and bucket has been reduced to improve front blade operations, such as asphalt removal.

Other benefits include increased cabin space for greater comfort, as well as a large front windshield offering a wider field of vision. A newly designed multi-function monitor system displays information, including machine diagnostics, settings and warnings, in an intuitive manner.

The oil cooler and radiator are conveniently positioned, with a newly designed cooler core and rounded frame structure, reducing material build-up and making cleaning easy. The integration of engine covers that slide out of the way has streamlined machine maintenance and inspections.

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