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John Deere 909JH tracked harvester with Waratah 624C head. The first of its kind in Tasmania.

The delivery of a John Deere 909JH tracked harvester to Triple H Contracting has been highly anticipated by the Scottsdale-based logging contractor. Specialising in the harvesting of Tasmanian hardwood and softwood plantations, the company is run by Manuel Hall, a logger with experience spanning almost three decades.

From the mid-80s, Manuel worked in his father’s logging business, where he developed the skills required to be a successful contractor. In 2007, he entered the contracting game and worked for a number of Tasmanian logging companies over the next four years. Eventually, he decided it was time to start his own business, which led to an opportunity to tender for Timberland Pacific.

The company is currently involved in a pine clearing operation achieving an annual quota of 75,000 tonnes and cutting a variety of products between 1.2m3 and 2.2m3. According to Manuel, their new forest-tough John Deere 909JH with Waratah 624C harvesting head is capable of clearing nearly 1,600 tonnes per week, creating a productive partnership with the Triple H Contracting team.

“The 909JH ‘out-spec’d’ all other machines I was looking at,” said Manuel. “The quality of the machine and levelling system were major factors in our decision to purchase.” The 909JH features a best-in-class levelling system that keeps the operator steady, centred and parallel to the ground when tracks are climbing or tilting. “I guess having the self-levelling system is a big advantage in the environment we operate in, particularly when working on steep terrain,” he said.

When asking Manuel about the performance of his new machine, power and lifting capabilities were highlights. “Overall, the machine is bigger, better, faster and stronger,” he said. “The extra weight and power really make the machine an excellent performer along with the layout of the hydraulic systems and ease of maintenance. I can’t fault it.”

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