For 21 years Hitachi has been supplying machines to a Queensland coal mining facility

Qld coal mining Hitachi excavator

SINCE 1994, HITACHI has been providing reliable machinery to Meandu Mines, a coal mining facility located in southern Queensland. 

According to Jim Young, Asset Manager of Mining at Meandu Mines, it began in 1983. The mine now produces on average 5–6 million tonnes of coal a year with the help of a reliable fleet of machinery. 

“The machinery we use has proven to be successful for getting the job done, and Hitachi delivers dependable, safe and durable machinery for all our projects.

“We purchased our first digger from Hitachi in 1994. We now have a fleet of excavators and dump trucks and have been working with Hitachi to trial a new Autonomous Truck Haulage system,” Jim says. 

Meandu Mines is owned by Stanwell Corporation, a diversified energy business in Queensland, and supplies their coal to the adjacent Tarong power stations. The mine is believed to have sufficient coal to fuel the power stations until at least 2037.

Meandu are in possession of some of the largest machinery in the Hitachi range, including the EX8000-6BH, Hitachi’s largest standard backhoe excavator, and the biggest of the Hitachi’s rigid dump truck range, the EH5000AC-3, which boasts a payload of over 296 tonnes.

“In March last year we purchased six new Hitachi dump trucks valued at almost $50 million, ensuring we have the latest machinery to continue our coal mining and  subsequent power generation for the local area,” Jim says.

According to Jim, the features of the machines that operators are most impressed with are the quietness, stability control and anti-skid breaking.

“Overall, Hitachi machinery is great to drive.

It’s comfortable, safe and trustworthy – and all the crew

want to drive it. That’s why we don’t have any others, as

Hitachi is the best in the market.”

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