Roy Hill sign with Hitachi to deliver 11 backhoe mining excavators to prepare for the mining beat

Roy Hill Mining excavator service

The open pit in the west of the country, where the temperatures are usually high more often than not, is now home to 7 Hitachi backhoe mining excavators with 4 additional machines scheduled to be delivered in the future. The Roy Hill Project is a 55 million tonne per annum (Mtpa) of iron ore mining, rail and port development located approximately 115 kilometres north of Newman situated in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Known for its world-class, low phosphorus Marra Mamba iron ore deposit and classed as the only independent iron ore project within West Australia with majority ownership. 

The Roy Hill Mine has an initial mine life of 17 years, with a likely extension beyond that of 12 years. To ensure this is supported Roy Hill have taken delivery of their first machine, the EX1200-6, Hitachi’s most compact backhoe 100t mining excavator guaranteeing exceptional power and force for demanding jobs, while featuring a low operating weight for high mobility. More recently was the delivery of the EX8000-6 and a second scheduled for the latter half of this year. The EX8000-6 is Hitachi’s largest standard backhoe mining excavator, guaranteeing the utmost power and force for incredibly demanding and challenging jobs. This sophisticated, powerful and efficient piece of machinery will complete any excavating task with proficiency and ease. It has an operating weight of 837,000 Kg, an engine rated power of 1450 kW and 43.0 m3 backhoe bucket attached. 

Over the 17 year life of the project, 4,909Mt of material will be moved. This equates to an average yearly mining rate of 272Mtpa (dry), to produce approximately 68Mtpa (wet) of Run of Mine (ROM) ore feed for the processing plant. This makes Roy Hill one of the largest mining operations in the Pilbara.

Eric Green, General Manager of Mining Sales for Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) says ‘we look forward to supporting Roy Hill in their mining endeavor’s and to assist them in maintaining their leading role in the mining industry.’ 

The Port Hedland Port Authority has allocated the amount of iron ore Roy Hill can ship each year. The allocated amount is 55mtpa and the operating model has been designed to produce this amount of iron ore annually.

Roy Hill, CEO, Barry Fitzgerald said, “Roy Hill is a long-term operation, with a long-term outlook. We are a low-cost producer, with low phosphorous impurities, significant lump ratio, consistent quality and with approximately 90% of Roy Hill’s quality product already under long term contracts. Roy Hill will deliver considerable benefits to the Western Australian and Australian economies for many years to come.”

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