Hitachi Dump Trucks

Revolutionary Hitachi EH3500ACII and EH4000ACII dump trucks

Over the past few decades, Hitachi has revolutionised the mining industry through the design and manufacture of world-class technology across its mining product range. Successfully launched in over ten countries, the introduction of Hitachi’s rear dump truck based on the generic design of the iconic ‘Euclid’ product that has pioneered the use of rigid dump trucks in global mining and major construction projects. In alignment with Hitachi’s philosophy of quality, the same quality that has developed its leading hydraulic excavator range has now been integrated into its dump trucks to form the highest quality product with state of the art technology.

Designed and manufactured in the same worldclass factory as the renowned EX Series hydraulic excavators, the EH3500ACII and EH4000ACII dump trucks incorporate the latest advancements in innovative engineering to ultimately enhance production capabilities. Featuring lightweight specifically designed bodies to maximise payload capabilities, Hitachi dump trucks continue to deliver superior performance and productivity to mining operators.

The EH3500ACII and EH4000ACII dump trucks incorporate Hitachi engineered AC Drive system technology, developed by Hitachi in 1992 and currently utilised in the Japanese Shinkansen bullet trains. This advanced technology has created superior hauling capabilities that are well recognised among Hitachi products in the mining industry.

The AC Drive technology provides unparalleled performance featuring higher truck availability, improved gradeability, and increased travel speeds, as well as significant reductions in maintenance and operating costs. Operators will benefit from enhanced productivity and lower cost per tonne, resulting in a higher return on investment.

A high-powered Cummins engine drives performance of Hitachi’s dump trucks. The EH3500ACII boasts a Cummins QSKTA50-CE engine with 1491 kW and the EH4000ACII, a Cummins QSKTA60-CE engine with an impressive 1864 kW. As you’d expect, combined with Hitachi technology, the engine delivers exceptional reliability and reduced fuel consumption to ensure maximum performance.

Rigid Frame Dump Trucks

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