Peabody Steps Up Productivity

Wilkie Creek Mine has increased production of high quality thermal coal for the domestic market

Located 250 kilometres from Brisbane in the Surat Basin, the Wilkie Creek Mine commenced operation in 1994 producing 500,000 tonnes of high quality thermal coal for the domestic market.

Acquired by Peabody Energy in 2002, the mine has substantially increased production to the current level of 2.4 million tonnes and exports coal to a number of international markets. During this time, the mine has made the transition from a contractor run operation to a 100% owner operator and now has the ability to mine at an increased rate of 5 million tonnes over the next twenty years.

Hitachi machines are playing a major role in Peabody’s mining activities at Wilkie Creek to ensure high production demands are achieved.

Hitachi EH4000ACII dump truck and Hitachi EX5500-6 hydraulic excavator working at Wilkie Creek.

An impressive fleet of ten Hitachi EH4000ACII dump trucks are contributing to a streamlined parting and coal haulage operation supported by a series of Hitachi hydraulic excavators, which are predominantly involved in overburden mining applications. Featured excavators include an EX5500-6, two EX2500’s and an EX3600.

According to Blair Jackson, General Manager at Peabody Energy, “The purchases we made were facilitated by our decision to move toward electric drive trucks that would deliver high availabilities and reduced service demands increasing run time. We had experience with Hitachi excavators that had proven their high level of performance and availability.”

The fleet of dump trucks and excavators have created an unparalleled partnership and continue to deliver the highest level of productivity at the Wilkie Creek Mine. “The EH4000ACII trucks have been meeting expectations with minimal downtime,” indicated Blair. “Key advantages of these machines have been a short turnaround time for servicing due to the trucks being electric drive, more consistent pulling power on ramps lowering grader requirements due to no gear changes and higher availabilities.”

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