Monitor your Hitachi machine with data report services

Hitachi Consite

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd (HCA) offer a service to their customers called ConSite, which is an automated data report service specifically designed for Hitachi construction machines with satellite system access. 

ConSite closely monitors the machines’ operational status and alarms, ensuring customers are operating highly tuned machines specific to their needs. Operational data is relayed through the satellite and stored in the E-Service data base. The ConSite service then automatically creates an individual machine monthly report which is sent to the customer and the dealer along with emergency alarms. The alarm notifications are sent as they occur so that customers can identify operational issues with their machines in a timely manner.

Frank Geranio, Operations Support Manager in HCA Service says “The impressive ConSite system gives Hitachi owners access to their machines’ data information, accessible like never before. This gives our customers the ability to improve the management of their equipment and lower their operating costs.”

Now customers have access to the all-new ConSite Oil, released this April into the market taking the service to the next level. For machines fitted with the Hitachi on board oil monitoring system, the Hydraulic and Engine oil condition will be continuously analysed during machine operation and will detect changes against objective data. Where the oil condition is outside system parameters the ConSite system will send an alert to the customer and Hitachi service centre.

ConSite will then be able to provide a comprehensive reporting system for routine physical sampling of all machine oil compartments. Samples will then be sent to an ALS Laboratory where results will be uploaded to the Global e-Service database. Oil results outside safe parameters are then emailed to the customer, or alternatively customers can log on to their owners site in E-Service and analyse the reports there. Providing customers with all the important machine information in one convenient site.

For more information regarding ConSite, please visit or call 1300 HITACHI to speak to a customer service representative. 

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