Landscaping specialists rely on Hitachi and John Deere machinery to get the job done

Horizon West Hitachi wheel loader

Primarily servicing the landscaping industry for over 9 years now, business partners Allen Ryan and Brad Hagen pride themselves on completing job sites within road construction, silvicultural, site preparation, heavy haulage and some log transport. Horizon West Landscape Constructions has been opened for business for over 30 years with combined experience in project management and the construction of built environments. As specialists in commercial landscape construction, the company has extensive experience delivering services in broad acre public spaces, private residential, commercial, industrial, property development, parks, Government, civic centres, marine and streetscapes. 

“We build parks in new subdivisions for housing which is approximately 90% of what we do. We work for developers through an architect, who will design the park and then we’re left to create it. From the swings, to the plants, to the paths, all is conducted by Horizon West. We make the subdivisions look good by creating nice environments for new home owners. The parks help sell the land and also creates a nice open space for the public to spend with their families,” said Brad, Co-Director/Owner of Horizon West.

Now with an eight year long standing relationship with Hitachi, Brad affirms that it’s not only credit to the ‘quality of the machines, but also the relationship they’ve built with Hitachi Sales Representative Leigh Esplan ‘who is now more a mate than anything.’ 

“We had other brands before Hitachi and found the service wasn’t there, we then purchased a 3 tonne off Hitachi and were well looked after and both agreed the brand was good. With consistent great service and products, 8 years down the track we have a fleet of Hitachi and John Deere machines. We now own Hitachi ZX17U-2, ZX33U-5, ZX120-3, ZX48U-5 and just recently received a new ZW180-5 loader which has already clocked up 300 hours. We also run a John Deere 319E and 333E Track Loader. 

“The machinery is performing excellent, Hitachi’s versatility helps to make my job easier as we can use a variety of different attachments to make our job more efficient. From a Harley rake for spreading our mulch, to the thumb on our ZX120 + ZX48U-5 for helping of the removal of trees and placing of rocks, it gives us the control to get the job done”.

“We have just started a job where we’re building a mini golf course, biggest income and size related job. High profile, West of Perth CBD, 5 months contract full time work. Majority of our fleet is on site to get the development completed on time. This is the first mini golf course we have built, so it should be quite fun coupled with a lot of challenges as the build goes on”. 

“With HCA we have the option to finance coupled with great incentives and low interest rates, it makes it more achievable to expand our business and project scope. We keep majority of our fleet for 3 years and couple them with service contracts for peace of mind. We keep the machines for the warranty period then trade them in for the best return on investment. This also allows us to keep our fleet consistently up to date with the latest machine technology,” said Allen.

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