Facility of the Future

Hitachi Customer Service

Since its official opening in November 2012, the new multi-million dollar facility of HCA is fully operational and delivering comprehensive product and service support to customers. Strategically located in the Queensland region and with a total investment of over $80 million upon completion, this 80,000m2 world-class facility has proven a key investment in the expansion of the company’s support capabilities.

Managing Director of HCA, David Harvey, said the facility is a major investment in the future of the company.

100% waste water recovery from wash-bays, recycled into the production process.

“This state of the art facility is an investment that will take our business well into the future and to even greater levels. Planned by our staff, the facility will provide the latest in safety, efficiency, and technologies for an improved and inviting work environment,” he said.

A series of major buildings within the facility have been constructed to incorporate the latest industry technologies, as well as environmentally-friendly features designed to ensure long-term sustainability of the land and surrounding natural landscape.

The site features a specialised mining and construction assembly workshop capable of assembling Hitachi electric drive mining dump trucks up to 360 tonnes. In addition, a remanufacturing workshop facility is responsible for the remanufacture of all mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components for mining and construction equipment.

To achieve the highest level of efficiency across all areas of the facility, advanced industry technologies have been incorporated to reduce the impact on the environment and to ultimately maximise performance capabilities.

The integration of a fully enclosed heated paint pr  eparation area, capable of painting a 360 tonne dump truck, has been designed to prevent toxic atmospheric emissions.

The utilisation of rainwater harvesting and bio-retention systems, combined with smart energy-efficient lighting and insulation throughout the facility, deliver the ultimate efficiency.

Fixed and variable adjustable louvre systems maximise natural ventilation.

Future onsite expansion will enhance remanufacturing and assembling capabilities for mining and construction products. A national parts distribution centre, as well as a direct customer sales and support facility are expected in future development phases.

Total Site Investment: $80 million

Total site size: 80,000m2

  • 350m2 bio retention system supplemented by gross pollutant Traps to improve stormwater quality discharge from site for both nutrients and sediments.
  • 642,000 litres of onsite stormwater detention storage to minimise external site run-off to existing rural flows, reducing the risk of inundation to downstream properties.
  • An additional 270,000 litres of onsite rainwater storage of harvested roof water, allowing self-sufficient water supply for landscaping, wash-bays and flushing.
  • 100% waste water recovery from wash-bays, recycled into the production process.
  • Fixed and variable adjustable louvre systems maximise natural ventilation.
  • Smart lighting technology throughout facility to minimise energy consumption by automatically varying lighting levels.
  • Incorporation of translucent roof sheeting to maximise natural lighting.
  • Insulated walls, floors and ceilings reduce energy requirements throughout the facility.

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