Crushing Dynamics are just getting warmed up with the delivery of two Hitachi ZW310-5 wheel loader machines

Hitachi wheel loader ZW310-5 2016

Recently founded in 2014, Crushing Dynamics was brought to life by two individuals who put their best qualities together to build something great. After many months of renting machinery to get the business off the ground, they’ve since celebrated the delivery of two Hitachi ZW310-5 wheel loaders to assist in the ever-growing work load they are facing.  The company has grown substantially since 2014 with a total of 10 employees after only starting with 3, moving approximately 3-4000 tonnes gross daily of loads. Both machines have been fitted with large 4.5m3 heavy duty general purpose buckets, standard on this size machine. Accuracy is crucial to Crushing Dynamics, so digital weight scales (with the ability to enter different products) and printers have been fitted to both machines. With safety in mind, fire extinguishers, rotating beacons and UHF radios are also utilised. 

Crushing Dynamics Co-Director Peter Murray, originated from Ireland and traditionally ran with Hitachi excavators with his first purchase, the EX100, when he was just 18 years old. “I was always happy with the performance of the machines which led me to continue the relationship with Hitachi products when I relocated to Australia,” he commented. 

After meeting his business partner Richard Warfield, who shared the same desire to fill a gap they identified in the industry, “Richard’s network and ability to sell and my ability to manufacture and crush gave us a good basis for our company to take on the crushing industry,” Peter said. Richard also heads up the subsidiary company Earth Exchange, which is the largest buyer and seller of dirt in Sydney to date. 

Operating 6 days per week out of a high-profile site in Wetherill Park, Sydney the ZW310-5‘s are regularly put to the test.   The site is authorised to take up to 200,000 tonnes of demolition material including batching plant spoils at any one time (classified EPA CT1 material) – the incoming material is then manufactured into saleable engineered construction products and resold. Aggregate products include 7mm (bedding and haunch sand), 10mm, 20mm (DGB20 roadbase), 40-70, and 100mm, amongst others. Crushing and screening machinery on-site includes Tesab, Pegson & Keestrack. 

On average Crushing Dynamics process 3,000 tonnes of recycling material per day and they aim to undertake up to 300 truck movements per day.

In addition this, Crushing Dynamics are completing projects across Sydney with their new machinery, holding contracts with well-established customers such as Billbergia, Rocla and Earthworx. Peter says, ‘it’s imperative that the wheel loaders are reliable above all else, to ensure the job is completed within the contracted time-frame.’  

Having been demonstrated both the ZW310-5 and the size below (ZW250-5; 4.0m3 bucket) it was decided that the larger machine was perfect for the job, taking delivery of the first machine in September 2015. 

Several features of the ZW310-5 including its world-class safety rating and 360° panoramic view from the spacious cab were among the reasons Crushing Dynamics considered Hitachi as their first choice. “The all-round visibility and low-noise performance of Hitachi wheel loaders makes them stand out from their competition. They offer a comfortable working environment for operators which is very important to us, and a highly reliable and efficient operation for challenging quarrying environments,” Peter said.

Designed and engineered to meet the demands of the Australian market, the new model offers advanced performance without compromising on efficiency, thanks to low levels of fuel consumption and Peter tends to agree.  “They are highly fuel efficient, with an automatic gear shift which makes for positive productivity, easy to use. Fast on the ground and extremely comfortable to drive with good torque on power.” 

Using market-leading technology in Japan, the ZW310-5 has been developed with the environment, and operator comfort and safety in mind. Ideal for a wide range of mining and quarrying applications, the large wheel loader is extremely versatile and offers exceptional reliability.  Crushing Dynamics regular operator of the wheel loaders, Johnny says ‘they’re just as comfortable to sit in as it would be in his lounge room on a Sunday afternoon watching the footy.’

“I knew the Hitachi excavators were great machines, then when Hitachi came to the table when we needed support to get our business up and running we knew we’d established a strong working relationship. The key thing is that Hitachi backed us and Richard and I were happy with that. HCA tailored the package to our needs and that for us speaks a thousand words,” said Peter. 

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