Built tough, New video series launched

Hitachi customers are built tough

Aussie contractors are built tough – and this year Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) will be sharing that toughness with the world through its new Built Tough video series.

Built Tough looks beyond the machines to the people who own and operate them, providing insights into the real-life situations people experience and showing what it takes to be built tough in the Australian construction industry.

The first episode features Tom Markovski from Melbourne, with his Hitachi ZX55U–5 mini excavator. As the man behind Auscon Earthworks, Tom understands the importance of performance and comfort in the equipment he uses.

“A good excavator is purely being comfortable, being able to move the machine the way it feels with yourself.”

Viewers can watch Tom as he puts the Dash 5 through its paces, talks about his experiences and describes what is most important to him when choosing a machine.

“I was pretty impressed that the machine did what it did,” he says in the video.

“The machine just held up [to] what it’s built for and pushed through.”

As the series progresses, new episodes will highlight different machines in different environments across Australia. Episode Two will focus on the Hybrid mid-sized excavator.

The full series will be released through HCA’s official YouTube channel and shared across HCA’s social media sites to ensure there are lots of opportunities to see proud Hitachi owners and operators in action.

To stay up-to-date on the release of new episodes in the Built Tough series or to check out HCA’s other videos, subscribe to HCA’s channel at

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