Our Sister Company, Hitachi Australia, has reinforced its commitment to social innovation by staging an industry forum to foster discussions surrounding responsible productivity and sustainable lifestyle enhancement. The Social Innovation Forum, held in Perth on Thursday 20th March, also marked over 30 years of continuous growth and advancement for Hitachi Australia.

“Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is bringing together information and infrastructure technologies to provide innovative solutions to society’s challenges,” explained Hitachi Australia Managing Director, Hitoshi Ishihara. “It’s about integrating different technologies to satisfy the economic, social and environmental needs rather than addressing just one.”

Leveraging Technology

The Social Innovation Forum showcased Hitachi’s advanced capabilities in IT, mining, oil and gas, stimulating discussion about different ways to leverage the latest advances in transport, navigation and mining technologies to improve safety and efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi Ltd.,
Mr Kazuhiro Kurihara, visited Australia for the Forum, where he thanked local customers and stakeholders for giving Hitachi “the opportunity to contribute further to the advancement of Australia through our advanced technology and our pioneering spirit.”

“Since our founding over 100 years ago, Hitachi has maintained a reputation for quality and integrity, and we have devoted ourselves to supporting and improving the quality of life in the countries we operate,” said Mr Kurihara.

Technology in Action

Japan’s Consul-General in Perth, Mr Koichi Funayama, said Hitachi’s breakthrough transport and mining solutions are underpinned by state-of-the-art systems that maximise performance and reduce risk. He pointed to Japan’s famous rail systems including high-speed trains, which have a world-class operating rate thanks to the underlying systems Hitachi developed to manage its performance.

“The record of rail systems in Japan is largely due to the accuracy and attention-to-detail in the traffic management systems that control it,” he said. “Hitachi’s total package for rail systems in Japan ensures safety and precision that allows operational speeds of up to 320 km/h.”

“Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is an invitation to our customers to partner with us in creating a more liveable and sustainable world,” said Mr Ishihara. “It’s about generating long-term profitability through the integration of technology to drive responsible outcomes efficiently and in ways that maximise the human experience.”

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