Every day is different for a Sydney contracting team

Hitachi mini excavator

Whether it be racecourses or golf courses, ports work or defence, Metropolitan Civil Contractors (MCC) will be there. The family company, founded in 1974, does construction and reconstruction work for regular clients including the Australian Turf Club, the Australian Golf Club, the defence department, Patrick Stevedores and NSW Ports, as well as a variety of projects for local councils and other clients.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that we do things once and do it right, and the business functions on that basis,” says Murray Hardy, MCC’s Project Manager, who, along with his brother Jack, now runs the company founded by his father and uncle.

“We’ve obviously been taught something right by the oldies,” he laughs, “so it’s been good to discover that Hitachi operates the same way.”

One of the areas the company specialises in is race track work, and Murray says it’s a tricky field – after all, they are laying the foundations for the turf the high-priced thoroughbred horses will be running on, so it has to be perfect to make sure the animals have the right footing and are comfortable and safe.

“Name a Sydney track and we’ve worked there – Rosehill, Randwick, Canterbury and Warwick Farm. We still do. 

“It’s a similar situation with golf courses. We don’t lay the turf, but we prepare the surface for the turf, so it has to be up to scratch. Neither situation is one you can just walk into. You need the experience to understand what is required and how to get it done, and thanks to my father and uncle, we have that knowledge.”

Whatever the project, the company is likely to be using at least one of its three Hitachi excavators (a ZX27U-3, ZX33U-5 and ZX48U-5), all with rubber track and zero tail swing. The MCC team had looked at many options before deciding on Hitachi because they already have a range of plant from other manufacturers, but the professionalism of the Hitachi team won them over.

“We’d never had Hitachi excavators before, but we kept hearing about Hitachi from people who had them, who talked about the build quality and value for money and service, so we decided to investigate. 

“They offer an excellent full machine warranty and the sales person we dealt with was very courteous and efficient, and his after-hours service was wonderful, which helped lock in the deal. 

“We’ve since discovered it’s not just him. The attitude to the customer is over and above what we usually get. They pride themselves on their service, just like we do. You ring them and they respond straight away, even if it is someone forgetting a key. Everything is dealt with immediately.”

Murray says MCC has had no major problems with their Hitachi machines, despite the variety of situations they work in.

“All three have rubber track and can be used on the road, or sand or grass, with less damage to those surfaces. We also wanted the zero tail swing feature because it makes the machines so much safer, whether it’s driving along the road or on-site – if you have people working around the machine it is a lot safer. They’re also easier to transport.”

MCC also values the fact the machines are user-friendly and easy to operate and service. Simple, practical, reliable and no-nonsense is the way Murray describes them.

Would he recommend them to other people in his industry? Yes, he would – and he already has.

“People ask us if they’re strong, and how they track and all sorts of practical questions and we can only offer positive answers, because that’s our experience.”

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