Extend the Life of Your Machine Autumn 2012

THE AUTUMN 2012 edition provides you with an informative guide to help you gain the maximum life out of your machine. The proper care and maintenance of your undercarriage plays a critical role.

The undercarriage is crucial to the maximum performance and efficiency of any excavator. Monitoring the condition and wear of your undercarriage will ensure your machine is always ready to work.

Undercarriage parts on mining and construction machinery continually come in contact with soil and other elements within the work environment. Therefore, even when the machine is engaged in standard types of work, wear on undercarriage parts is unavoidable.

Depending on soil type, frequency of travel and adjustment of the undercarriage parts, the wear rate can be accelerated requiring premature replacement or repair of the relevant parts.

Not only maintaining the undercarriage, but also measuring and recording the wear on the undercarriage at the regular intervals will allow you to estimate the time required for replacing or repairing the parts, reducing the total cost of repairing throughout the machine’s service life.

Every Hitachi branch can accurately assess the condition of your undercarriage and provide a written report on over eight key undercarriage components including tracks, rollers, idlers and tumblers, which will also give you an indication of percentage worn so you can schedule maintenance and
avoid downtime.

This inspection and quote service is also available for mining customers.



FREE Undercarriage Inspection to help kick start your undercarriage preventative maintenance schedule.

PLUS, save 5% on any undercarriage components purchased from this free inspection.*

Offer available for undercarriage components only. Orders must be placed by 31st JULY 2012. Deferred delivery orders are not eligible.

*Terms and conditions apply for machines in remote locations. Contact your nearest Hitachi branch for more details.

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